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Pál Frenák Company (FR/HU): InTimE - Kosztolányi Dezső Színház

23. novembar 2009.
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Coreography: Pál Frenák

The new piece of Pál Frenák is part of an elemental process that links the works of the artist, and follows the creator's logic. After Instinct's anti-relationship Frenák's new piece shows us an insight view into the subtlety and complexity of human relationships.
There are five dancers on the stage. Sometimes they observe the others' fight from the outside and at a distance motionlessly, while in other situations they take part in the role of the complicated and subtle human relationships.
How can one person become reality to the other? Can the desire for each other stay unfulfilled forever? The reality and actuality of the bodies is an everlasting question. Is the other person truly real? Must we fall back from the relationships' incomprehensible insecurity to our own cruel and single reality? How defenseless are we against various veiled and direct forms of lust for power? Frenák's haunting question is how much lying and opportunism impacts our life and our relationship to our body? According to these, the explosion is nothing more than a moment when the body can not, and does not want to lie any more because it is not willing to destroy itself. What comes from the truth of the body? Does the soul have its own truth?

Start at 21hrs

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